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Composites (GRP) & Synthetic Marble | Paints & Coating, Printing Inks & Construction Chemicals
Rubber & Plastic products | Personal & Home Care, Cosmetics & Pharma

Manufacturer Product Range  
Alberdingk Boley Linseed and castor oils for
coatings, putties and alkyds
Arabian Zinc Oxide Full range of Zinc Oxides and Zinc Dust for various industries
BASF Catalysts Kaolin extenders, attapulgite &
attagel thickeners
Borica Adhesion promoters, cross linking agents and structuring agents for inks, paints and sealant applications
Cabot Corporation Cabosil fumed silica
Dow Microbial Control In-can preservatives, disinfectants,
sanitizers, wood & film protection
DSM NeoResins Acrylic thermoplastic beads and
emulsions, PU solutions and
dispersions for adhesives and
graphic arts
Dura Metal driers, single or mixed, for solvent and water based applications
Dynea AS Dynoadd high performance
additives for the coatings & inks
Eastman Chemical Hydrocarbon / Hydrogenated /
Pure Monomer / Thermoplastic /
Modified Rosin Resins / Rosin Resins & tackifiers
Elementis Specialties Organoclays, rheological additives, wetting & dispersing agents, liquid & powder defoamers and acrylic/PU thickeners for paint, coatings & construction industry
IXAN-DIOFAN PVDC resins and latexes
for barrier coatings
Lawter Resins, additives & varnishes
for graphic arts
LKAB Minerals Ltd. Diverse range of industrial minerals

Elotex redispersible polymer powders & additives for the construction industry

Nouryon Bermocoll cellulosic thickeners
and Bermodol PU thickeners
Pergan Organic peroxides, accelerators, inhibitors and polymer additives
Potters Ballotini Solid and hollow glass microspheres as performance functional fillers in a variety of
resin systems